Staycation Idea: Trade Homes with Friends

I love having house guests. The week beforehand, it's a flurry of stocking up the fridge with yummies, buying special flowers, cleaning house, sprucing up the bathroom with candles and nice toiletries. Likewise, when visiting friends or family, I know they enjoy hosting me and my family with their very best. Which led me to this idea:

Why not play host to a friend who happens to live in town? You prep your place for the ultimate getaway experience and they prep theirs! Recommend neighborhood places to visit while you're "vacationing", leave a walking map out, and pull out all of the stops when it comes to pampering and comfort in your home. I know I would enjoy a "getaway" with my family in many of my friends' homes while also taking pleasure in finding out what fun local things they have recommended for the staycation. Likewise, I can think of many uber-local haunts that would be new to even in-town friends staying at my home.

Have you ever traded homes with an in-town friend for a little change of scenery during a staycation? Please share further ideas with us below!

Image: Tali Edut and Cory Verellen

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