Steal these Ideas: Kids Room Inspiration from the Small Cool Contest

Steal these Ideas: Kids Room Inspiration from the Small Cool Contest

Alison Gerber
Jun 3, 2014

Loving the Small Cool contest this year? Me too! But...aren't these entries all inspiration for singles in hip studios downtown? No! There is inspiration here for us too - those of us whose lives revolve around bedrooms with cribs and bunk beds, who have living rooms with Cheerios hidden in the rugs. Without further ado: here's some more inspiration for your kids' spaces from this year's Small Cool contest.

1. Paint a wall-sized piece of art (from Maura's Bold Design Elements). It wouldn't be too hard to replicate the fantastic wall art in Maura's space - some painters tape and small pots of colored paint tinted at different intensities would do the trick. Wouldn't something like this look amazing in a bright kids' playroom? And it might visually enlarge the space, too. Maura says herself "be bold! Large design elements in a small apartment can make your place feel bigger and add cohesion."

2. Hang a large object (like in Ana's Pretty Camoflauge). Guitars are beautiful, and bulky, so here Ana's got them hanging on her wall. It gets me thinking...what, of all that bulky stuff our kids have, could become functional art in a children's space? A handed down toy semi-trailer? Their easel? A child's bicycle?

3. Double up that desk (as seen in Emily's Stylish Small Home). Two school-age kids in one room? What about an along-the-wall desk option, which could be replicated like this one using a piece of lumber from your local hardware store, as well as legs and drawers easily available at IKEA. Think of all the potential storage underneath!

4. Dust off Grandma's Quilt (as seen in Nana's Things That Make Her Smile). A few of our entries this year have featured vintage quilts and blankets, proof enough that your old patchwork or crochet quilt really can bring a tiny bedroom to life. A brightly colored quilt like the one above in Nana's room would be perfect for any vintage or eclectic styled kid's space.

5. Don't forget the power of the loft (as seen in Kate's Garden Oasis). The loft! So much can be said about the loft! If you are one of those special few blessed with high ceilings, do consider raising your kid's bed. Look at what you can fit underneath. Literally - the kitchen sink. Though I'm not quite sure why you'd want a kitchen sink in a kid's room, but anyway. Play kitchen, perhaps? Study area? LEGO wonderland?

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