Merendero by José A. Gandía

Merendero by José A. Gandía

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 18, 2007

DIY Cuddle Puddle. Beautiful and costly at $9k, the design is so simple, what's to stop you from building one of these yourself for far less? Granted, the metalwork is first class, it can be done.

We spotted the Merendero seating environment (designed by José A. Gandía, manufactured by Gandia Blasco) and just wanted one of these as a little outdoor dinner nook on our imaginary roof (we don't have access)...

The cubelike structure lights up so nicely and you can sit inside with a perfect amount of room for four people. Built properly, it weathers nicely and never needs to be moved. Just throw your large white flowing sheet over the top and open a bottle of wine. Designed by José A. Gandía, it can be found at full retail at 217 East 59th Street (212.421.6701).

Made of anonized aluminium. Backs and plyethylene accessories. 30kg. Polyuretane foam rubber. Removable upholstery.

(Via Hamptons Cottages and Gardens)


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