Stealthy Style: 5 Protective Travel Cases for Tech that Look Like Regular Bags

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Throwing a $2,000 camera and $1,500 laptop into a backpack to jostle in the overhead bin of an airplane is enough to make even the most pleasant flight a nerve-riddled nightmare. For travelers who pack more gear than socks, these five bags can help protect valuable tech devices without screaming: "hey, there's expensive stuff in here!" 

1. Vanguard Kinray Photo Equipment Backpack ($131.28)

Backpacks are great because they're so versatile and can be kept under the airplane seats. This colorful choice passes for a standard hiking pack, but features plenty of protective pockets for lenses, lights and a DSLR body or too.

2. ONA The Chelsea Leather Bag ($369.00)

Most airlines allow travelers one rolling bag and a personal item. This purse performs double handbag duty and the quality leather makes it a worthwhile investment.

3. Koolerton Canvas Waterproof Rucksack ($59.00)

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Rucksacks are classics for their simple designs and ample space, but this rucksack takes it one step further by providing more supportive, padded pockets for photography equipment compared to a standard backpack models. 

4. Crumpler Extravaganza Bag ($385.00)

Gender neutral bags with simple and attractive features are hard to come by. This rolling bag meets that standard. As an added bonus, there are nearly 20 interior sides, which are adaptable and movable with velcro, so travelers can mix and match to meet their gear needs.

5. Jill-E X-Large Rolling Bag ($249.00)

This rolling bag is more attractive than most standard luggage, but it also provides an incredible amount of room for several DSLR bodies, lenses, a laptop and perhaps even a couple books. Plus, it's practical enough to be used as a standard carry on, if needed.

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