Steel Wool: The Unsung Restoration Hero

082109-steelwool.jpg If we had to choose just one tool in our restoration arsenal, it would have to be, hands down, steel wool. It's perfect for porcelain, wood and of course metal. Our friends over at Style North have two great (before and after) reasons to sing the praises of this small little savior...

082109-steelwool2.jpg This fabulous stool restoration came from Kitka Design Toronto where steel wool used in the direction of the grain with a little teak oil did the trick!

Click on over to Style North to see a few more transformations done with this small miraculous wad of metal! There's tips for getting into creases and thoughts on tackling metal work! It's worth the read and encouraged us to increase the grades of steel wool we keep on hand!

Thanks Style North!

(Images: Manufactum, Style North)

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