StereoStone Planter Speaker

StereoStone Planter Speaker

May 31, 2007

Um, is it just me, or are your flowers playing music? Mess with your friends' heads and provide music on your patio with StereoStone's Hanging Planter Speaker.

This version retails for $149.95 and is powered by running a cable from your stereo receiver to the planter--so that means you're likely to need a very long cable to do it, but the planter can stay out in any weather. The speaker is entirely sealed, but it also provides drainage for the plant on top, comes with a two year warranty, and is made entirely in the U.S.

Check out the pics and specs on other similar, non-hanging versions after the jump.

StereoStone Planter Speaker - Industrial Model, $199.95. These can be painted any color using Krylon Fusion Spray Paint for Plastic. Get the full specs on this model here.

StereoStone Omni Planter Sub Woofer, $399.95. 8 in., 250w, 8 Ohm woofer with a 90dB sensitivity rating and 38hz - 180hz frequency response with 360 degree dispersion. NOTE: It's a passive sub, not powered, requiring a sub amplifier to gain full use of it.

StereoStone Omni Planter, $399.95; 250 watt, 8 ohm, 8 in. 2-way speaker w/1 in. Neodymium-Titanium Dome tweeter. 89dB 45hz - 25khz.
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