Still Pretty in Pink: Making It Lovely Update

Still Pretty in Pink: Making It Lovely Update

Gregory Han
Aug 16, 2011

Back in 2010 we noted Nicole Balch's (the stylish mastermind of blog, Making It Lovely) "quite lovely" home office, a corner workspace which exuded feminine sophistication and an orderly eye for detail. She's now updated her space with a $1000 upgrade…check out what has since changed.

The big changes in Nicole's office revolve around color, most notably, changing out the wall paint from a shade of pink to a less matchy-matchy flat finish hue that falls somewhere between "green, blue, and gray" ( HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams's "Contented" , #SW 6191 / LL12, flat finish). Partnered up with a multicolor chevron design rug, Nicole's corner office still retains it's Pretty in Pink charm with a few remaining pink color elements, but now exhibits another layer of…well…lovely!

Check out plenty more photos, details and resources over at Nicole's My Newly Redone Office.

[Photos: Nicole Balch]

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