Stine's Super Cute Kitchen

From ViolaSometimes

How cute is this quaint little kitchen? Thanks to one very large window and off-white walls, Stine's kitchen is sunny and bright with simple, perfect pops of color. If you're looking for some budget-friendly (yet highly effective) spring decorating inspiration, check out how she repurposes her vintage finds and other accessories and puts them to good use in her kitchen.

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Who says a desk lamp has to be in a home office? We love the orange color of her '70s Luxo lamp and how it complements the vintage seafoam green scale--and then it all gets tied together Arizona Iced Green Tea bottle? Yes!

See more photos of Stine's simply gorgeous kitchen and other beautiful photos on her blog, violaSometimes.

(Images: Stine Marie Nord Pettersen, violaSometimes)