Found: Stitched Road Trip Memory

Flickr Find

While sifting through loads of vacation photos on Flickr, one small thumbnail caught my attention. It looked like a vacation photo, but not really. Was it … yup, it's stitched. Hands down, this has to be the coolest way to preserve a special moment in time.

If you look closely at Bascom Hogue's Flickr stream, there's some rather unusual artwork to be found. This particular piece depicts a road trip. It was first sketched, but since the marks made with a Sharpie resembled stitching anyway, the piece above was born.

It's an extra special idea that might be one to file away for holiday gifts (which is only 4 months away!) if you're a diy kind of person. If not, there's probably time to make contact with the artist to see if they do commissions. It's a lovely idea that will last forever. How sweet!

See more stitched masterpieces from Bascom Hogue's Flickr stream

Image: Flickr member Bascom Hogue licensed for use by Creative Commons

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