Stock Up On Home Office Storage

Storage is a necessity in the home office. It takes a lot to run things and we need a to place to store all of that stuff. If you have pets, you'll understand why you can't just leave stacks of papers around. Good thing they don't have thumbs yet, because they haven't figured out how to open a cabinet drawer.

An Excellent (and Cheap) Office Storage Pair Last week Mike told us about a great combination to make the Alex and Helmer IKEA units even better at containing our mess!

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Alex, IKEA $119.00 One of the more obvious and certainly more popular options, the IKEA Alex drawer unit is one of the best. In our household it holds printing paper, old photographs, our portfolios and much more.

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10 Ways to Use Kitchen Storage in the Office is another extremely useful and innovative way to tame the beast in the office. Using unlikely items such as wine racks to wrangle magazines is such a fun and interesting idea! The wine rack would also be great for storing rolled up cords.

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Synchronicity Letter-Size Interior File Folders, The Container Store $5.99 Have to be the coolest folders we've seen. These would certainly be useful in any file cart or cabinet.

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