Stopper Postcard: You'll Know How Long it Took to Deliver!

Stopper Postcard: You'll Know How Long it Took to Deliver!

Range Govindan
Mar 16, 2009

It's a fact that everyone still has to use snail mail. The Stopper Postcard does something pretty neat. It measures the actual time it took to deliver. While it doesn't deliver this information to you, your recipient will know how long the card took to arrive. It's definitely something fun and interesting to send in the mail, kind of like a novelty item. The most interesting would be if the card traveled through different countries via airmail, now that would be interesting to measure.

It might be not that useful, but it's something that I've wondered. How long does it take for the mail to actually arrive? It's designed by Tal Mor et Shlomi Azulay from the Tel-Aviv based studio DAG-designlab. The Stopper postcard will tell you while making postal workers just a little more stressed. Actually, we don't think that it would stress them too much. We are actually more worried about the LCD counter. It kind of makes your postcard look like a letter bomb. Thankfully, the counter goes up, not down. Still, if you'd send this for real, we wouldn't be surprised if it didn't arrive.

Snail mail is still used everyday and sometimes I am amazed that something sent from Asia will arrive in the US within a few days. Remember that it actually does take a few days to travel that big of a distance. Mail can almost do the same. The one thing that I haven't really understood is what stops anyone from pressing the button to stop the timer? [via TrendsNow]

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