#3 - Play Toy Storage

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Name: Mia
Child's Name and Age: Maya, 23 months
Location: New York, NY
Category: TOYS

Items used for the project and favorite part of the storage solution:
Two 7inch wide planks + brackets from Home Depot, about one yard of linen fabric (from an old stash I had), a staple gun, saw, screwdriver, drill, hammer, EZ anchors, screws, wood glue, some wood filler, paint and a paintbrush, 2 glass jars with good riveted lids from any finished jam, PB or whatever else might be a good size.

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My favorite part of this solution is the fun Maya has with the fabric, hiding under it and playing peek-a-boo, using it for fun in creative ways. The toys are ALWAYS covered and invisible since the fabric just falls. It is easy access without leaving doors open or lids up and it does not take up any additional space around it when open. The shallow space gives a good overview of what is there.

Best storage tip for families with children:
To keep it simple and organized. Nice boxes that can be put away under beds, on shelves (above doors, high in hallways etc.), in closets, book cases and if the boxes are really nice, left out in an unutilized space.

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Thanks for entering, Mia!