Creative Storage Ideas for Tiny Bathroom?

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Q: We recently renovated the tiny master bath in our little Florida bungalow. Our goal was to have a classy but slightly beachy bathroom. The original plan was to install recessed shelving in the bath and over the sink and toilet.

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Unfortunately, we were not able to recess anything over the toilet because there is large cast iron piping right there, and we did not want to deal with replacing it. The bathroom is ready for finishing touches, but we still aren't sure how to add some creative storage over the toilet, and thought we might turn to Apartment Therapy's readers for some help.

We will be painting the door and baseboards white, and the walls will be a pale gray that matches the floor. We are installing a few vintage hooks on the empty wall for towels, and an over-the-door shelf for added storage, but are stumped about the toilet. My partner was thinking of getting some small live-edge cedar shelves, and I thought about maybe hanging a couple of bike baskets on towel bars as convenient catch-alls, but neither of us are fully invested in either idea. By bike baskets I mean something like these:

Handwoven Ash Bicycle Basket

Nantucket Bike Basket

What do you all recommend?

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