Storage Solution: Where to Store Pot Lids

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One of Maxwell's recent emails put the spot light on pot racks, the perfect solution for storing pots in a small kitchen. Not only do they put these hardworking tools within easy reach of the cook but they free up valuable real estate for other items. Plus, frankly, it looks cool. In our own home, we've taken this idea one step further...

Following in our parent's footsteps, we chose pots with lids that sport loop handles instead of knobs. We slip the pot lid's loop OVER the hanging handle instead of trying to find a place for it in a drawer or on a shelf. If your pot's lids have these kind of handles instead of a single knob (and it's increasingly the design of popular brands), it's an easy way to store a challenging item and keep valuable shelf space available for other things. Plus, you're less likely to misplace them. If you already have a hanging pot rack, try it and let us know in the comments if it makes your life a little easier.