Storing Kids' Puzzles

Not only do kids' puzzle boxes often take up a lot of space, they often get smashed up and mangled to such a degree that they're both non-functional and an eyesore. No problem. I've rounded up several solutions for storing kids' puzzles that you can adapt to your specific storage needs.

1. If you're feeling super crafty, follow this tutorial from You Had Me At Bonjour to make your own vinyl pouches, shown above, customized to fit exactly what you need.

Storing Kids' Puzzles

2. Toss all the pieces and a photo of the puzzle into a mesh wash bag. (A Little Delightful)

(Image credit: Toni Hammersley)

3. Use small plastic boxes and store them in a larger box. Cut out the picture from the puzzle box and attach it to top of each storage container, or pop it inside. (A Bowl Full of Lemons)

Storing Kids' Puzzles

4. No sewing skillz? Try using zippered pencil pouches to store your puzles. You can even throw a few in a binder and store them on a shelf. (The Art of Simple)

(Image credit: Kelly Ruhl)

5. If you're looking to store wooden puzzles, try using a paper organizer. Or get a special puzzle stacker, like this one from Melissa and Doug (Amazon, $13). (The Navy Stripe)

Do you have a brilliant way to store kids' puzzles? Let us know in the comments!