Storage Space in a Small Bathroom?

Storage Space in a Small Bathroom?

Gregory Han
Sep 8, 2009
Q - My husband and I just moved into a smaller rental apartment. We went from 1.5 bathrooms to 1 teeny tiny one. While we've been able to find storage solutions for most of our stuff we've had the hardest time with the bathroom. It's a really small space with the only current free space being underneath the sink (which is about w: 25 x h: 24 x d: 13) or between the toilet and the wall where the small trash can currently is (about 1ft of space)… There's a towel rack above the toilet so the over the toilet solution won't necessarily work. We've considered getting rid of that towel rack to put a shelf or something but figured maybe the AT community would have some other ideas we could consider first. Storage for our towels isn't a problem, its all the other stuff for hair, eyes (we both wear contacts), face, etc. that need a home.  Any help is greatly appreciated. We've been here for almost 2 weeks now and that's the only room that's incomplete with our box of bathroom stuff still in the hallway.

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Editor - Perhaps consider building a storage unit for under the sink, alongside utilizing vertical space with floating or leaning shelving units. Here are some previous posts related to small space bathroom storage solutions:

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