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Bags, bins, boxes, racks, drawers, shelves, chests, and cabinets–there are so many options for storage that sometimes figuring out the optimal solution or style can be difficult. But here are 101 tips to help you find some chic, functional, or novel options for all your storage needs.

Bins, Bags, and Boxes:

1-5: Organizing Helpers: Reusable Tote Bags
6-15: 10 Alternatives to Plastic Storage Bins
16-20: Look!: Organizing with Boxes
21-40: 20 Super Stylish Storage Bins
41-45: Declutter Your Bag with Gadget Organizers

Racks and Drawers:

46: Small Space Solution: Cool & Colorful DIY Clothes Rack
47: How To: Make Homemade Drawer Organizers
48-52: The Best Junk Drawer Organizers
53-60: It's the Little Things: Drawer Organizers
61-70: Make It Organized: DIY Magazine Racks and Storage Project Idea


71-80: 10 Small Space Storage Solutions for the Bathroom
81-85: Kitchen Organization in the Bedroom
86. One Simple Way to Keep Your Bedroom More Organized This Year


87-91: Cut the Crap: 5 Simple Ways to Start Decluttering
92-101: How To Be Your Own Professional Organizer: Top 10 Tips from the Pros

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