Store Your Stuff in the Rafters

There's a part of us that feels that if you're storing stuff on the ceiling it might be time to recognize that it's time to start tossing. But, if you live in a small space, sometimes it's the only option. If you have stuff that needs to go up, especially if it doesn't need to be accessed on a regular basis (back taxes, holiday decorations and camping equipment fall into this category for us), ToteTrac is a practical and easy way to do it. We like that it uses containers you may already own.

Mounted to the ceiling or to side walls, it holds your plastic boxes neatly from the handles, lip or rim. If you don't have rafters, it also installs on flat ceilings, so it's practical for apartment dwellers as well as those whose homes include attics and garages. Each package comes with two brackets and two bolts for hanging your totes plus hangers for your ladders, bicycles or surfboard. Available via ToteTrac