Ideas & Inspiration: Storing Clothes in Apartments with No Closets

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So you've found the perfect apartment, with great light, in a great neighborhood, only — it doesn't have any closets. You could throw away all of your clothes, or, if wearing the same outfit for the rest of your life sounds like too much of a sacrifice, you could check out some of these ideas (and beautiful inspiration photos) for storing clothes in an apartment with no closets.

Holly, the blogger behind Avenue Lifestyle, set up a wardrobe in her bedroom with two clothes racks from IKEA. Shoes go on the bottom; a shelf mounted above, which runs the lenght of the room, provides storage for out-of-season clothes, blankets, and other sundries.

This is the same idea — a clothing rack standing in for a closet — but here it's tucked under the eaves of a roof, a clever use for a short space. From Lonny.

If you don't like the look of clothes just hanging out in the open, a freestanding wardrobe is also an option. This one, spotted in Myka and George's Modern Abode, is also from IKEA.

We spotted this industrial-pipe clothes storage on Style Me Pretty.

From Livet Hemma, here's another option for the closetless among us who still don't want to be looking at their clothes all the time. Hang a curtain behind your bed, and make the area behind the curtain into a closet with clothes racks and shelves. Presto: a spacious closet, and clothes that are hidden away when you're not getting dressed.

Hanging clothes bar + dresser = twice the storage power. From Bolig.

Here's a similar setup, from Designlykke via My Scandinavian Home.

Marie-Lyne & Karlo made the most of a nook in their small condo with a clothes rack, a hamper, and a filing cabinet. (Putting clothes in filing cabinet = why didn't I think of that before?)

The mirror, and the shelf mounted above, filled with framed art, make this little closet corner feel like a part of the rest of the room. From Passions for Fashion, via Coco Rosa.

The blogger at 47 Park Avenue has a whole room set aside for clothes — but you can still take inspiration from her setup even if you only have a corner. A shelf mounted above the clothes rack is a great place for extra storage (or art), and a dresser placed in front of (rather than under) the hanging clothes makes everything feel intentional. It's like your own little boudouir — and that's even better than a walk-in closet.

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(Image credits: Avenue; Lonny; Kim Lucian; Style Me Pretty; Livet Hemma; Bolig; Designlykke; Marie-Lyne Quirion; Passions for Fashion; 47 Park Avenue)