Story of a Table: Tweaking the Stain Color

We've been so busy working on our new house that I haven't had time to check in and show you the stain on the farm table we are having built by David Ellison of the Lorimer Workshop. Last time we saw the table here it had been put together into its final shape. Now it's time to choose the stain...

We wanted a dark stain and David worked to get it to just the right shade for us. Initially he sent us photos of a lighter, redder look:

We said we'd like it a bit darker - although not black or wenge. Here's how it ended up:


It's getting quite close to move-in, wedding, and our table (and headboard) being delivered. We're pretty excited...

Check in again later this week to see the table in its final form, plus some sneak peeks of the other furniture we're having David build for us.

• Visit David Ellison and see his tables at: The Lorimer Workshop. He is based in Rhode Island, but he is shipping the furniture we ordered at a very reasonable rate.

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