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It's our first year of preschool and we made it through the first week with little drama. To keep things running smoothly, we've instituted a new way of organizing our preschoolers outfits to minimize time spent digging through drawers and closets. What's our tip?

We pre-package our outfits. We got this great tip from this previous post about organized trip packing, but have adopted it for every day. On laundry day, we spend a few extra minutes putting clothing separates together as outfits and package them into ziploc bags. Instead of labeling them by days of the week, we organize them in batches - warm weather (shorts and short sleeves); cooler weather (shorts and long sleeves); and cold weather (pants and long sleeves). In the morning we check the weather report and then goto to the right drawer and pull out a bag and voila! Instant outfit. Then we store the ziploc bags into a bin next to the laundry to be used again for a clean outfit. When autumn really sets in we'll dispense with the warm weather clothing and life will be even more simple.

Image: Small Notebook