Strike the Right Balance: Having Just Enough 'Good Clutter'

Strike the Right Balance: Having Just Enough 'Good Clutter'

Nancy Mitchell
Mar 11, 2016

Some people prefer hyper-minimal spaces, where vast expanses of concrete and glass are only interrupted by the occasional vase or black and white photography book. But those of your who prefer to have a few extra things around may be excited to hear about the rise of what I call 'good clutter': a look that involves leaving a out (a modicum of) interesting things around your house. The look we're going for is a bit more 'cabinet of curiosities' than 'yard sale'. Here's a little inspiration.

Above: This room from Architectural Digest Spain has just enough 'clutter' to be interesting without coming across as, well, cluttered.

(Image credit: My Scandinavian Home)

Stacks of books, along with a few select objects d'art, enliven a room from My Scandinavian Home.

(Image credit: SF Girl by Bay)

Something about the objects casually strewn about this room from SF Girl by Bay says 'home' to me. Sometimes minimalist perfection can be a little off-putting: this room blurs the lines a little.

(Image credit: Domino)

The 'good clutter' in this room from Domino is almost all in the form of books.

(Image credit: The Design Traveller)

Displaying a collection, like these anatomical models from The Design Traveller, can instantly add interest and personality to a room.

(Image credit: Mobile Bay Mag)

More stacks of books in a home from Mobile Bay Mag.