Strike the Right Balance: Having Just Enough 'Good Clutter'

Some people prefer hyper-minimal spaces, where vast expanses of concrete and glass are only interrupted by the occasional vase or black and white photography book. But those of your who prefer to have a few extra things around may be excited to hear about the rise of what I call 'good clutter': a look that involves leaving a out (a modicum of) interesting things around your house. The look we're going for is a bit more 'cabinet of curiosities' than 'yard sale'. Here's a little inspiration.

Above: This room from Architectural Digest Spain has just enough 'clutter' to be interesting without coming across as, well, cluttered.

Stacks of books, along with a few select objects d'art, enliven a room from My Scandinavian Home.

Something about the objects casually strewn about this room from SF Girl by Bay says 'home' to me. Sometimes minimalist perfection can be a little off-putting: this room blurs the lines a little.

The 'good clutter' in this room from Domino is almost all in the form of books.

Displaying a collection, like these anatomical models from The Design Traveller, can instantly add interest and personality to a room.

More stacks of books in a home from Mobile Bay Mag.

Ok, so this dining room from Home Stories might look just a bit like a junk shop, but I think it's walking the line perfectly and comes across as just cluttered enough. Who wouldn't want that feeling of awe and discovery that you have in an antique store in their own home? Provided, of course, you don't mind dusting.

(Image credits: Architectural Digest Spain; My Scandinavian Home; SF Girl by Bay; Domino; The Design Traveller; Mobile Bay Mag; Home Stories)