Who hasn't done string art in some form or another when they were kids? How fun was that, right? I used to love it, and I was recently reminded that I hadn't done it yet with my own kids.

So I went online to find some inspiration for string art projects for us to try. Here are some ideas:

Make Grow Gather shares a simple heart string craft that they used for Valentine's Day, though it's simple enough to use with smaller kids any time.

Pinterest user Alison Bergman has a great photo, showing a free style board with nails randomly set up so that kids can just go up and improvise a string art piece.

One Crafty Mumma had her child do a beautiful blue string board.

Lines Across brings up the name style of string art on a corkboard.

Ruthie Mayes shows how to make a Christmas Tree string art piece, although a little late, it not only can be done next year, but it also fits families like mine who don't mind having Christmas all year 'round.

Make a Simple String Solar System
Seriously Stunning Super-Sized String Art

(Images as linked above)