9 Super Stylish Studios That Prove One Room is Enough

9 Super Stylish Studios That Prove One Room is Enough

Dabney Frake
Oct 30, 2015
(Image credit: Shabby Creek Cottage)

It’s easy to think of studio apartments as one big compromise. You can't buy everything your heart desires, let alone fit it all into the space. But these nine apartments show that living in one room is enough— you can everything you need, and it can come in a stylish package. All of the residents have done it by tweaking their spaces, choosing decor carefully, and making smart storage decisions.

This apartment from Shabby Creek Cottage stays tranquil and calm with the help of a neutral color palette and sheer curtains that don't crowd the 250 square feet.

(Image credit: Daily Dream Decor)

This beautiful studio lets both textured elements and the architectural features — high ceilings, molding, and large windows — do the heavy lifting and keeps everything else simple.

(Image credit: House Beautiful)

Owner Andy Stewart hung curtains wider than the actual windows. That one small thing creates the illusion that this 400 square foot apartment is much bigger than it seems.

(Image credit: Pop Sugar)

Even though she lives small, Kelsi's Hawaiian digs aren't short on personal style. She manages to incorporate a bohemian mix of looks — modern, vintage, organic — that still don't overwhelm the place.

(Image credit: Home Polish)

Small spaces, like this New York Studio, benefit from furniture with little visual weight. Being able to see through the coffee table and bookshelf keeps it feeling open instead of closed and stuffy.

(Image credit: Living in a Shoe Box)

At under 350 square feet, this Swedish space keeps the decor to a minimum, and makes use of every square inch for storage.