Studio FRST's HDTV: Sculpture or Technology?

Studio FRST's HDTV: Sculpture or Technology?

Range Govindan
Feb 25, 2009

Most HDTVs look the same: black and big. There isn't much distinction between models. I've always thought that the best way to hide a HDTV is to masquerade it as a picture frame. Well, Studio FRST had another idea. They just released a concept TV that makes the HDTV look like a sculpture. I have to say that it looks really good. It looks like something that you could put on a pedestal in your home.

The reason why Studio FRST's new concept HDTV is named 16943 is because it offers two distinctive viewing modes: a 16:9 format for films and 4:3 for television. This is why there is a notch in the screen. They say that their work is a technological sculpture, a black picture on a glass base. These ideas are quite relevant, since most people have parts of their screen that are unused when they watch TV. On the other side, when you watch movies, it's pleasant to have a full 16:9 ratio screen. I tend to watch all my movies like this, if the format is available.

The concept also includes a DVD player, which is nicely situated on the unit. Honestly, I haven't had a DVD Player for years. If I need one, I use my Xbox 360. Still, it's useful to have and it's nice that it's all in one unit. I think that this HDTV is a great idea. It's a fun spin on the dilemma of having larger screens. Philips is coming out with an extremely wide widescreen TV. It will have a 21:9 format. I don't know how that will work really, unless movies are going to be released in larger aspect ratios. [via MoCoLoco]

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