Studios with Style: Kitchens from Our House Tours

Studios with Style: Kitchens from Our House Tours

Kim R. McCormick
Aug 4, 2011

Studio living presents various challenges, and often among them are kitchens with little to no storage or counter space. Here are 10 examples of studio kitchens from the Apartment Therapy archives that don't sacrifice efficiency or personal style.

Many of these kitchens rely on white surfaces to keep the small spaces feeling open and light. At the same time, playing with scale by using big artwork or multiples helps liven them up. As the tips from the Small, Cool Kitchen contest pointed out, using the walls and working vertically are key when space is tight: think magnetic knife racks (Images 1 and 4), pot-hangers (Image 6), shelves (Image 8), and cabinet tops (Image 9). Finally, I like how in Rodellee's kitchen (Image 7), she has chosen a red microwave — rather than trying to hide this usually clunky appliance, she has made it into a fun, unlikely design element.



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