One of the challenges of studio living is the sleeping arrangements and there are many ways to go - from murphy beds to sleeper sofas to curtained or otherwise-partitioned off bed areas. But what may be the simplest (and most comfortable) solution is to just embrace the idea of having your bed out in the open...

...and focus instead on making it a stylish, well-integrated part of your home. For inspiration, we pulled ten real-life examples from Small Cool 2009 that do just that - enjoy!

Top row, left to right (click through to see the whole home):

  • Nick's Smart Small Space, 600 square feet
  • Scott's Elegant Carriage House, 475 square feet
  • Jorge & Craig's Collection, 447 square feet
  • Moo & Ju's Super Comfy, 384 square feet
  • Arzee's Urban Jungle Oasis, 295 square feet

    Bottom row, left to right (click through to see the whole home):

  • Rhiannon's Patience Pays Off, 501 square feet
  • Sara's Starting Over Studio , 283 square feet
  • Sparkle's Cured Space, 280 square feet
  • Emily's Wonderful in White Studio 300 square feet
  • Patti P's Architectural Details , 430 square feet