Local Style Inspiration: Gitane

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Claude Lane is one of our favorite spots in town. Gitane, a bar and restaurant, has taken up residence on the alley and has an inspired decor style - a mix of "euro-themed 1950's, bohemian 1960's and bling 1970's" according to Wallpaper. It's eclectic, grand and dramatic and boasts a cool resource list....

Chandeliers from 1950’s France, mid-century lighting, artwork from Turkey, vintage-inspired wallpaper from UK designer Deborah Bowness, speciality fabrics and furnishings from Anthropologie and Tom Dixon combine in a sumptuous jumble of colours and textures.

It's a style well suited to nightlife but could be reworked into an amazing at-home look. The vintage pieces, luxurious drapes, over the top artwork and rich colors are all great starting points for an unforgettable room.

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