Style It: A Spare Chair
Sarah Coffey
Aug 23, 2010
Next to Emily's entryway, a chair and credenza provide plenty of surfaces to drop keys and a bag.

Spare chairs are cheap, ubiquitous, and can serve a few different functions, depending on where you put them to use. If you've got an extra seat but you're not sure how to style it, here are a few ideas from our archives.

An extra chair or two can come in handy in an entryway, next to a credenza in a hallway or living room, or used as a storage surface in an out-of-the-way nook. For a deeper look into each home above, click through the links below.

  1. Next to Emily's entryway, a chair is a good place to drop keys and a bag.
  2. In Emily's Shabby Chic home, a bright side chair injects color into the entryway.
  3. Justin keeps his slippers tucked under a side chair.
  4. An angular chair is the perfect complement to Shauntelle and Dave's credenza.
  5. A painting and chair cozy up the corner of Jon and Tyke's home.
  6. In Jennifer's home, a chair by the window is a nice spot to check out the view.
  7. Eric and Andrew keep a couple of spare chairs in the living room for extra seating.
  8. A large lamp creates a cozy nook around a spare chair in Jaclyn & Brian's home.
  9. Two chairs together look like a purposeful arrangement in Harriet's high-rise.
  10. Kristi and Pam store their board games on a spare chair tucked into a stair landing.

Photos: Teri Lyn Fisher, Jason Loper, Jill Slater, Abby Cook, Laure Joliet, Kristen Lubbe, Jill Slater, Kristen Lubbe, Bethany Nauert, Kimberly Watson

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