Style It: Dressers Beyond the Bedroom

Style It: Dressers Beyond the Bedroom

Sarah Coffey
Jul 19, 2010

Dressers, as we know, are useful case goods that can pinch hit as media cabinets, entryway tables, or dining room buffets, but since they're designed for clothes storage, they can look awkward out of context. To make a dresser seem at home beyond the bedroom, try updating it with color and accessories.

Changing the color or finish of a dresser (photos 1-3, 7, and 10) can make it feel like a standout piece that's tailored to a room's décor. To push the concept even further, accessorize it using objects in the same color — like vases, artwork, or lighting.

You might also try treating the dresser like a console table (photos 2, 4, and 5). Decorate it with a pair of lamps, hang a mirror over it, or ground it with a large painting.

If you're repurposing a dresser as a media cabinet (photos 8, 9, and 10), look for a case piece that's not too tall and has drawers or cabinets that can easily be converted into storage for electronics or DVDs. Embrace the nature of the piece: style a mid-century dresser with modern vases, or decorate a high-gloss white surface with sleek electronics.

For other ideas, click through the photos above and the links below.


  1. Under the stairs: Red Dresser from Grange
  2. In the living room: Blue Dresser from Amy's Vintage Modern Nest
  3. As a buffet: Dresser from Zara Home
  4. In the living room: Photo from the Rug Company
  5. In an entryway: Photo from Tas-ka
  6. In the dining room: Shannon's 1930s Bungalow
  7. In the dining room: Ellie's Handmade First Home
  8. As a media center: Matt's Spirited Studio
  9. As a media center: Catherine and Christofer's 1930s Budget Colonial
  10. As a media center: Thomas Wold Turns Grandma Dresser Into Hip Grandkid Media Cabinet


Photos: Grange, Sarah Coffey, The Rug Company, Tas-ka Webshop, Ellie Grover, Shannon, Annie Werbler, Violet Marsh Photography, Thomas Wold

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