Style It: Quick Ideas Inspired by Jenni Juurinen

I recently discovered stylist and stage designer Jenni Juurinen's website and was instantly mesmerized. The photos are gorgeous of course, but I also discovered a few good ideas for real life applications.

• Chair hoarders: if you aren't one, you probably know one. The kind who collect as they go and have a chair tucked in every corner. If you're surrounded by chairs and need a new look, juxtapose a few of your favorites against a richly hued wall. It's an especially good idea for an entryway.
• A five-second fix for the design magazines you can't get rid of, but don't pull out often: belt them. It looks charmingly vintage and you likely already have a belt or two to use.
• Update a plain Malm dresser with a checkerboard pattern. The colors here are ultra-bright, but it would look just as good in pale washes of color.
• Cutesy frames paired with floral wallpaper usually aren't a great design choice, but here, the pairing shows off how well patterns can play off one another. Don't be afraid to experiment, especially if you were given a home decor gift you don't like, but can't give away.
• Create a relatively cheap, eclectic tablescape by gathering up candlesticks (or bowls) made of different wood.

For more ideas and inspiration, see Jenni Juurinen

Images: 1-3. Jorma Marstio 4. Mirva Kakko 5. Pekka Holmström; all for Deko

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