Style Roundup: Modern Cross

(Welcome to Heather from Portland. She is one of the bloggers trying out for a place on the Apartment Therapy editorial team, covering different cities in the NW. Comments welcome!)

As graphic motifs go, the modern cross is great when used as a bold punch of color in the right place. In traditional red and white, it recalls the Red Cross logo or the Swiss flag; when the cross is extended to the borders of the object it adorns, it can read Scandinavian. In off-red or mixed with a shot of cool green, the mod cross...

...takes on a fresh feel. The mod cross is especially great when rendered in fabric, as it softens the strong motif.

Shown above, left to right:

1. Twin Pillows from Joan's All-In-One
2. Me Plus You Modern Quilt pattern by Kelly McCaleb, Etsy, $10.
3. Red Cross pillow in Liz Dougherty Pierce's NY loft from Country Home via Marley & Lockyer.
4. Hot Pink Cross Quilt by BettyNinja.
5. Pieced Pink Cross Pillow by Smile and Wave.


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