Style Shake-Up: 6 Bold Design Details to Try

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You know what the weekends are great for (other than brunches, lounging and other restful things)? Shaking up your style. Two whole days (or in this case, three days!) to take a fresh look at your space, see what's boring and what could use a boost and take a chance on experimenting with a bold design element. We found six ideas that are a little outside-your-comfort zone, but might just be the thing one of your room needs to get a style shake-up!

Pictured above: No — those dots aren't floating in your eyes, they're on the walls, as well as the chairs and table and floor, too! What a wild idea. Something that really sets this small corner apart from the rest of the room and certainly makes a statement. And to borrow this idea you don't even have to use dots —any repetitive pattern would do. Shot by Eve Wilson via The Design Files.

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Window boxes full of flowers on the exterior of a home aren't unusual, but what about adding shelf ledges to the inside of your windows and then taking it to the next level and placing big plants in dramatic planters on top? It's dramatic, it's unusual and it's surprising — but it could also be a simple idea to try. Seen on Annaleena via facing north with gracia.

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Hanging pendant lights look great over kitchen islands, next to bedsides and over dining tables, what about over a coffee table? A little unusual, but maybe a little awesome, too. This idea spotted on Mrs. Monday.

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Painting any wall in your home a dark color like black or gray can be dramatic, but blacking out a strong architectural feature like a brick fireplace wall is even bolder! Spotted on Dans le Townhouse.

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Layers. They're a bold choice for any space, so consider putting things in front of other things to see what happens. Even better? Use layers to lessen the unpleasantness of a home element you don't love (like a TV) by adding a gallery wall behind it. Spotted on Desert Domicile.

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A bold black and white art element, the bigger the better, can totally dominate a room and make a statement, all at once. This black and white hanging flag spotted on Hey Wanderer.

Would you try any of these bold ideas in your space?

(Image credits: Eve Wilson via The Design Files; Annaleena via facing north with gracia; Mrs. Monday; Dans le Townhouse; Desert Domicile ; Hey Wanderer)

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