(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Four of my finds from the Fall 2012 Market
I'm enjoying being an official "Style Spotter" at High Point this week, part of a group of bloggers, editors and designers who scour the market for great pieces and trends. Armed with a stack of "Style Spotter" cards, my iPhone and some (reasonably) sensible (but still cute!) shoes, I'm hitting the showrooms and booths to gather my finds on a specially created Pinterest board...

Cheminne Taylor-Smith, VP of Marketing at High Point, helps to put together the Style Spotting crew. Her instructions to us were simple - get out there and find between 15 and 20 great things from the showrooms, record each with a quick pic, give the showroom a card to mark the "spotted" item and then pin your photo of it to the Pinterest board.

With 9 of us pinning, a nice overview of the offerings at the Market starts to emerge - a sort of design-lovers guide to the show. It's really interesting to see a diverse group of people, with different personal styles, showing off their favorites together, creating a varied, eclectic selection of items, trends and style stories that are all worth a longer look.

Here is a link to my Fall 2012 Style Spotters board:

Style Spotter: Janel Laban of Apartment Therapy

...along with links to those of my talented and lovely co-style-spotters:

Style Spotter: Traci Zeller
Style Spotter: Jason Oliver Nixon
Style Spotter: Stacy Naquin
Style Spotter: Cassandra LaValle
Style Spotter: Julia Buckingham Edelmann
Style Spotter: Lori Dennis
Style Spotter: Gretchen Aubuchon
Style Spotter: Lisa Mende

Check out the boards for a look at what we all loved and be sure to keep an eye on Apartment Therapy for more High Point coverage, which Maxwell, Jason and I will be rolling out for the rest of the week.

(Images: Janel Laban)