Stylish Battery Operated Table Lamp?

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Q: I have a very narrow hallway and stupidly didn't put an outlet near the door when I redid all the electrical in the house. I have a beautiful teak console in the hall that I'd like to put a lamp on so that I can see the hall when I return home at night. I am looking for a battery operated table lamp that isn't ugly.

I am not into the those flickering "candles" I've seen on restaurant patios. Someone suggested a wall-mounted light that people use for paintings but I am having a hard time finding one that's not fake gold and ugly.

I'm in Toronto but am willing to have something shipped.

Can people recommend a stylish battery operated table lamp?


Sent by Sunny

Editor: Can anyone find a nice looking battery operated lamp for Sunny? Let us know in the comments below - thanks!

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Good Questions

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