Stylish Convertibles: Cribs to Toddler Beds

Almost 5 years ago, when I began planning my son Alex's nursery, I didn't have a great vision of what I wanted his room to be beyond the crib stage. We looked into converting the crib to a toddler bed but it had such an awkward appearance, with very tall head/ footboard, such that it resembled the letter H. It also required the purchase of a conversion kit, so we opted for a full size bed and bypassed the toddler bed altogether. Looking back, I wish I'd had the foresight to seek out a more elegant design. I've selected 8 modern, stylish cribs which convert beautifully and seamlessly into beds. Many of them do not even require the additional purchase of a conversion kit.

Resource List
  1. The Caravan crib ($695-895), by Kalon Studios, can be transformed to a toddler bed by removing the rails but there is also an optional toddler rail kit ($345), available in multiple colors.
  2. The Echo crib ($1195), by Kalon Studios, can be used with the conversion kit ($475) or without.
  3. The Io/ Ioline crib ($1595-2200), by Kalon Studios, has two available conversion kit designs ($545) but can be used without.
  4. The Classic crib ($970), by Oeuf, with toddler conversion kit ($260).
  5. The Leander crib ($1299), which converts into a toddler bed and longer junior bed
  6. The Nifty Clear crib ($1550), by Ubabub, also available in Nifty Timber ($999), with conversion kit ($179).
  7. The Pod crib ($2100), by Ubabub, has removable sides for easy conversion
  8. The iconic Scandinavian Kili crib (700 GBP, currently out of stock), by Sebra, expands to become a toddler and junior bed

Some images of my favorite crib/ toddler beds

Kalon Studios Caravan Divan
Kalon Studios Echo Bed
Leander Junior Bed
Leander Junior Bed with Safety Guard
Oeuf Classic Toddler Bed. Design by Sissy and Marley
Sebra Kili crib. Melt Design Studio.

(Image credits: as linked; (composite by Katerina Buscemi); Kalon Studios; Leander; Marco Ricca; Jeppe Gudmundsen-Holmgreen)