Overlooked No More: 10 Ideas to Add Style & Function to Hallways

Overlooked No More: 10 Ideas to Add Style & Function to Hallways

Nancy Mitchell
Jun 26, 2017

Hallways—those oft neglected strips of space that connect one room to another—may perform an important function, but, especially if you live in a small dwelling, you may resent them for the space they take up on your floor plan. To turn that irritation around, we're taking a look at ways you can recapture your hallway space for other uses—or just take it from a boring, in-between sliver of your home to one that feels like a place you'd really like to linger.

Above: If the width of your hallway permits, adding a long bench or very securely wall-mounted shelf (like the one in this room from Marie Claire Maison) can provide you with a perfect place to store the books and magazines that are overflowing from your bookshelves—and to display a few treasured objets d'art.

(Image credit: Whistles)

Books stacked casually on the floor: some people love it, some people hate it. If you're in the "love" camp, we give you permission to do this in your hallway. Leaning some art on top makes the look more intentional, and gives your hallway a nice sense of place, like this one seen on Whistles.

(Image credit: Whitten Architects)

If you have the space, and you own your own home, built-in bookshelves (like these in a home by Whitten Architects) are a great way to turn your hallway into a miniature library. A runner adds even more character to the space.

For hallways of average width, like this one from House and Garden, rows of picture ledges can be just the right thing to add a little excitement. Use them to store and display books, if that's your thing, or for a rotating display of your favorite art and family photos.

This home featured on The Way We Play instantly turns a regular hallway into a gallery just by hanging art all over the walls, as if it were a 200-year-old British manor.

A wider-than-usual hallway (like this from Entrance seen on My Domaine) can even be turned into a workspace. This would be a great spot for a wall-mounted desk.