Stylish Pet Decor: For the Hamster

Stylish Pet Decor: For the Hamster

Heather Blaha
Oct 17, 2007

In July of '06, AT:Chicago spent a month focusing on pets, pet decor, and we even held a "My Design's Dreamy" contest for ingenious pet designs.

While we didn't designate a month for our pets this year, we know that a lot of you out there think about design as it extends to your pets' homes. AT reader Lori recently wrote to us about her daughter's new stylish hamster house, the Habitrail OVO. Lori writes:

I know you don't often do pet stuff, but my daughter just got a hamster and the little guy's home is so stylish, I kind of wish I could get one in human size.

While the site is still "coming soon" and doesn't offer any info on the product, we found a collection of Habitrail homes and products online at My Simon.

(Thanks, Lori!)

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