Stylish Suitcases & Luggage

Stylish Suitcases & Luggage

Kristen Lubbe
Jul 12, 2010

Luggage plays a very important role in the travel process. Not only does it provide a way for you to transport your goods from point A to B, it also dictates how and what you bring with you on your travels. It's certainly not a necessity to go out and purchase the biggest, best and most expensive piece you find &mdash it does help to buy quality.

While not all luggage is created equal, and there's not always a need to break your bank purchasing a new suitcase &mdash we can dream of living large. We've searched the internet and found our five dream pieces of luggage.

&bull Globe-Trotter Centenary Suitcase, J.Crew $1,600.00
&bull Hideo Bean 19, WeJetSet $159.00
&bull The Editor Series, SteamLine Luggage
&bull Overnight Bag EO Collection, Go Incase $299.95
&bull Leather Suitcase No 03 M, Palmer and Sons $555.00

What's your dream luggage?

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