Modern Glass Water Bottle by Takeya

Maxwell’s Daily Find 01.25.12

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Modern Glass Water Bottle by Takeya

• $17.99

Okay, so I met Melanie in Salt Lake City last week and she was carrying a very simple, stylish water bottle that I had never seen in NYC. "What was it?" I asked. She sent me a pic, a link and this: "Trying to keep your New Year's resolution to drink more water in 2012? I'll bet this stylish, well-designed water bottle by Takeya will do the trick. It's narrow design makes it perfect for stashing in your bag and sipping during your morning commute. It's dishwasher safe, including the silicone sleeve that protects the bottle. Better than that? No more plastic or metal flavors to muck up your post-workout H20. You are still going to the gym, right? "

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