Stylitics Brings Analytic Order to the Clothes Closet

Stylitics Brings Analytic Order to the Clothes Closet

Gregory Han
Feb 10, 2012

Love clothes, but want to keep your closet in order? A new beta service aims to bring the analytical tracking and categorization to a common problem zone: the clothes closet. Think of Stylitics as for the fashionably minded...a tracking tool with a few perks thrown in to keep you informed, motivated, and possibly aid in decluttering.

The premise is simple: Stylitics users first log everything in their wardrobe (which could be time consuming, considering the average closet has over 250 items inside it; but the service is aimed at the slightly obsessed who will probably find the process satisfying), and Stylitics then allows users to track the timeline of your outfit history with a selection an analytics tools, while also offering ensemble recommendations based upon events and weather reports. It's like having your own geeky personal stylist at your beck and call.

Users also will be offered reward bonuses or discounts from partnered brands like Marc Jacobs, Jack Threads (for us fellas), and even art from 20x200; these are earned by checking in and adding more items to Stylitics.

The one other perk of using a service like Stylitics (admittedly achievable with a spreadsheet/Google Doc) is documenting exactly what and how much is being stored in your closet gives anyone the tools to start organizing and decluttering. A few friends have mentioned their closet space is cluttered beyond the point they're able to recollect what's stored inside, yet they find it difficult to let things go [cue in intro to Hoarders].

Perhaps Stylitics would be a great tool for empowering users to let some things go for donation/resale, all with the perks of rewarding yourself with something new, ideally utilizing the de-cluttering technique of letting three items go before introducing anything new into the home, or in this case, your closet. Viewing analytics showing your closet has an excess of summer clothes, but hardly any warmer wear could give ou an excuse to add or subtract accordingly.

Stylitics is currently in beta mode, but plans to open up to a public beta soon, with the addition of mobile apps and plans for online purchase syncing.

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