Surprise Gift Ideas: Digital-to-Door Subscription Services

Surprise Gift Ideas: Digital-to-Door Subscription Services

Mat Sanders
Nov 28, 2011
Remember the days of mail-in subscriptions services and the fun of receiving tangible goods in the mail? Well, thanks to the internet, subscription services are making a comeback. More than just "of-the-month clubs," today's best offerings come in the form of surprise boxes full of sampled items. From artisanal food and stationery packets to everyday necessities, check out these five hot digital-to-door services that we think would make great gifts for friends and family.


About Quarterly is a subscription service that allows you to subscribe to one of your favorite cultural icons and receive physical items in the mail hand selected by each contributor. With all the time we spend interacting online, Quarterly seeks to shift that focus by creating tangible interactions that allow subscribers to receive goods that tell a story. How it works Browse a list of current contributors like (Tina Eisenberg of swissmiss!) and subscribe to your favorite. Your contributor will send you a package every quarter with something hand selected that promises to be "original and exclusive consumer items that are timeless, practical, exciting, and fly under the radar." Each package also comes with its own hashtag so you can join in on a Twitter discussion with other who have the same subscription. Cost $25 every 3 months


About Are you a foodie who likes to stay in the know? This New York-based monthly food subscription service delivers a sampling of locally produced artisinal foods right to your doorstep. How it works The folks at Samplrs are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting food producers and connect you directly to merchants through a monthly grab bag filled with full-sized products for you to try out. Taste something you like? Place orders directly through the Samplrs website—a great and easy way to get locally sourced goods in your hands and on the table. Vegetarian options are also available upon request. Cost $29.99/month


About For the guy who hates shopping for little necessities like underwear and razors, Manpacks delivers a box of goods to keep him well stocked and feeling fresh. The selection of goods is pretty basic, but perfect for the no-frills gentleman. How it works Browse their inventory of underwear, undershirts, socks and grooming products to select the contents of your first Manpack. The next box will ship three months later. Schedule different items to arrive on an as-needed basis and be on the lookout for surprise samples along the way. Cost Dependent on size of order.


About For the busy gal-on-the-go, this convenient subscription service allows you to select from a variety of legwear and health & beauty products to be scheduled for delivery as you wish. How it works Choose from your favorite brands and schedule an auto-ship method to arrive every two to three months. Cost Dependent on size of order.

Lost Crates

About This stationery subscription service hand-selects the best of stationery design to suit your personality and surprises you with a box of some of the best premiere products. From big names like Moleskin to small, independent designers, Lost Crates guarantees an exciting box filled with fun and useful desktop necessities every month. How it works Sign up and take a personality test and let their specialized stationery curators hand select a box full of customized supplies they believe will match your personality. Cost $38/month Images: 1. Hey Dudes, 2. via thoughtbrain, 3. Samplrs via, 4. , 5., 6. Hey Dudes
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