Suburbia: Mark Weiss, Barbara Cole & James Smolka

Suburbia: Mark Weiss, Barbara Cole & James Smolka

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 20, 2008

Title: Burbs on Bike, 2008
Photographer: Mark Weiss
Gallery: Meter

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Title: Irina from Below, 2005
Photographer: Barbara Cole
Gallery: Meter

Title: Fence/McD Sign, 2002
Photographer: James Smolka
Gallery: Meter



This year we are going to change themes more often. Our second theme is Suburbia. Drawing from this theme we hope you will submit more pictures for us to feature each Friday.

Here are the ground rules for 2008:
1. The title of of the picture must relate to the word "suburbia" (you may define that any way you like)
2. The picture should relate to the concept of home (you may define that any way you like)

This is our weekly celebration of ACCESSIBLE photography, which means beautiful artwork that you can actually hang on your wall tonight.

We're happy to be doing it again with our friends Marty Weiss and Allegra Wilde who are curating pics from Meter Gallery.

Reader submissions will be posted bi-weekly and Meter will be in between. That means it a full on amateur and professional show!

• Title
• Location (wherever your home is)
• Your Name (linked to either your website or email if you desire)
• Short description (optional)

As it says above, we'd like to link to you and bring you lots of attention if you'd like it AND so that people could get a copy of your picture by purchase or share.

Submit your own "Suburbia" pic to newyork(at), put "Suburbia" in the subject field and let people know how to get a copy!
You can sell them or give them away, we don't mind, just give us all the info and we'll put it in the post.
Check out our online partner Meter Gallery, where Meter's photos can be purchased.

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