Succulent School: 10 Hardy & Stylish Succulents For Home

It's no secret that we're into succulents. They're easy to take care of, cheap, easily propagate, don't need much water and come in tons of beautiful colors and textures. Looking for some fresh succulent inspiration? Want to expand your succulent knowledge and find a new love? Discover our favorite succulents for ground and container planting after the jump.

The beauty of succulents is that they can take full sun and can live in a container or in the ground. Normally if you want more of one that you have, you can break off a piece of it and either stick it into the ground or into a glass of water and it will sprout roots. Then you can plant it wherever you want.

1. Echevaria Gibbiflora or Blue Wave has distinct ruffles around the edges and varies from green with a bit of pink, to a lot of pink, depending on sun and water.

2. Sedum Adolphi or Golden Sedum will turn brighter orange the more sun it gets and propogates really easily. It's a nice contrast to the blues and greens that you typically see in succulents.

3. Echeveria Geranium or Hen and Chicks. A classic with a nice texture.

4. Euphorbia tirucalli or Fire Sticks

5. The Purple Aeonium grows on a stalk, like at bloom cafe

6. Aeonium sunburst have a great color palette and grow in a similar pattern to hen and chicks.

7. Kalanchoe thyrsiflora has great smooth rounded leaves with a tinge of red.

8. Donkey's Tail or Burro Tail is a 70's classic—does anyone have a mom or grandmother that didn't have one of these hanging in the kitchen? It's great hanging over the side of a pot with other succulents.

9. Senecio serpens or Blue Chalk Stick has shown up in a lot of xeriscape gardens as a fun blue accent that grows quickly and can cover a lot of space.

10. E. elegans or Mexican snowball creates a cute pink bunch of flowers that contrasts against its green base.

Re-edited from a post originally published on 6.10.08 - AB

(Image credits: Shutterstock; Jane Strong of Close to Home ; The Succulent Garden on Etsy)