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Westfield, NJ
Inspiration for my palette:
I've always loved all shades of ocean blues, especially teal. We tried a bunch of colors but finally decided on this dark shade. It took 4 coats but it was worth it!
We started by adding lots of white but that was making it too stark so I brought in some natural wood tones and it really warmed up the space and kept it from looking too modern or cold. It was a work in progress for awhile but dying a chair slipcover hot pink really made it feel like home.
Even though the wall color could be described as moody, I think the room feels happy and fun because of the accent colors and the eclectic mix of photographs and art in the gallery wall.
As much as I can appreciate a well-done neutral palette, it's just not for me. Color makes me happy!
Colors used in my room:
The walls of our living room are Benjamin Moore "Teal" (#2055-10). It's a perfect shade: not too green, not too blue. We've accented the room with pops of fuchsia--a throw on the couch, a dyed slipcover on a chair, and a bright pink and white chevron bowl on the foyer table. There's also plenty of white in the room to keep the space from getting too dark. Plus, the furniture is a mix of wood tones from a black antiqued coffee table, to the white lacquered entertainment center, to a rattan console table, and an antique natural wood dresser.
Tips for using color successfully:
Stop following rules and decorating how you think you should decorate! I spent so many years living in beige spaces because I thought I was supposed to "grow up". But I love color so I'm so glad I finally have a room that's very me. Paint is so inexpensive and so easily changed. It really is best way to make a big impact!
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