Inspiration: Art Glass Stairs

Inspiration: Art Glass Stairs

Lise Harwin
Sep 26, 2008

Suffice it to say, you guys didn't love the art glass kitchen islands we shared last week, with most comments hovering around "ugly," "dated" and "hideous." But we're trying again, sharing one more find from the same artist... glutton for punishment, indeed.

Perhaps having artists as parents and growing up in a home filled with creative touches makes us more open to the unusual, but these stairs really blow us away. They are bold and striking, and we can only imagine the glow they must put off when the light hits just right. While the tubular railing and beige tile seen here contribute to an otherwise generic looking home, in a different setting, these stairs could surely be the ultimate conversation piece.

And perhaps that's the point of such interior art; not to be practical or useful, but decorative and stunning and only for those willing to stand out...for good or for bad. That might not be us, but there's no doubt our parents would love it.

Images: Walter Gordinier