SugarSync: The Mobile Me Alternative

SugarSync: The Mobile Me Alternative

Aug 29, 2008

We love the idea of Apple's mobile me. All your stuff synchronized between your devices and available anywhere would make our lives so much easier and less cluttered. We have two laptops and a mess of duplicated files between them. Partly disorganization, partly laziness, SugarSync its there to take care of it. By monitoring in the background what you are working on, SugarSync makes sure all your connected devices are updated in real time. You can even setup your mobile phone to make your captured photos immediately available on your machines running SugarSync.

Depending on how much storage you need, pricing ranges from $24.99 a year for 10 GB up to $249.99 a year for up to 250 GB. Take a look at the video to see exactly how it works.

-via Wired

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