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Q: I own a 470-sq ft condo in Portland OR that, earlier this week, was water damaged by a leak in the unit above me. In addition to needing new ceilings and fixtures in my bedroom and kitchen, I also need new floors throughout the entire unit (larger photos below). I like the light and airy feeling of my place, especially in our sometimes dreary Winter here in the NW, and I feel like the tone of my current floor supports the sense of calm I feel when I step into my home. Renovating from top-to-bottom was exactly planned but, given the circumstances, I'm trying to get excited for the changes.

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I'd love to get some Apartment Therapy community opinions on what flooring I should use to replace my current laminate/Pergo. While I do like the light color of my current floor, it shows every bit of dirt I track in -- which is really annoying in our rainy climate. My ideal: something at least mildly sustainable with a clean look that won't disrupt my current aesthetic, something durable (aka *not* laminate), something cost-efficient and...something awesome. Thanks in advance for your help!

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