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Q: I have just moved into my new house and am in the process of choosing paint colors and decorating the various rooms. One room that I am anxious to get together is the bedroom. I am recently divorced and really want a nice, somewhat feminine retreat.

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Currently, the walls are a really dreary shade of green and being that the room has low, slanted ceilings, it just feels kind of like a cave. The bedding I have (and love) is the Lucia duvet cover from Crate and Barrel. It has many colors in it, so I have a lot of options. It is kind of a busy pattern, so I don't want the walls to be too bold:

I have attached a photo of the room without any furniture (to get a feel for the space) and one of just the bed. Here's a link to the Lucia bedding.

Any help and suggestions would be very much appreciated. I was thinking a nice warm grey color (i.e. Benjamin Moore Alexandria), but don't want that to end up being too boring. I have also thought about doing some kind of contrast on the slanted part of the wall.

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