Watercolor print by Kendyll Hillegas, $20 on Etsy

These looks are especially sweet if you're decorating for kids, but they're also fun and quirky if you're just decorating for yourself.

  1. A pretty watercolor print from Kendyll Hillegas that's perfect for that empty space in your gallery wall. $20 on Etsy.
  2. Decorate your screened-in porch with quirky pillows covered in rocket pops. $25 each at Human.
  3. Bring some cheer to your walls with Sean Mort's colorful California print. £20 at Sean Mort Print Shop.
  4. I'm burned out on the mustache trend, but for some reason, I love it on these happy dancing popsicles. Water bottle, $32 at Zazzle.
  5. It's a commitment, but if you love popsicles, you could cover a wall in rows and rows of red popsicles. I can see it working in a sun-filled entrance off a kitchen. $7.50 per square foot at Customized Walls.